Julie Weitekamp

Julie Weitekamp started Full Basket Farm out of an interest in growing quality, local, organic produce. Her undergraduate study of biology was fueled by her love for the outdoors and a fascination for plant growth and development. After completing her undergraduate degree (BS Biology, Wheaton College) and a brief internship at Memphis Botanic Garden, she found a job in the biotech industry. After pursuing a Master’s degree (Biochemistry, URI) and working as a lab technician for a few years, Julie began to focus more of her energy on her interest in gardening. She practiced intensive gardening techniques and incorporated edible landscaping into her yard wherever possible. The experience of deep satisfaction in providing food for her family and neighbors led to the decision to participate in the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project’s Farm Business Planning Course in the fall of 2008. Her dream of starting a market garden became a reality in the rainy summer of 2009. This market garden relocated to Littleton, MA in 2010 and currently offers shares of its produce several months of the year (usually May-October).

Growing Practices

Vegetables are grown and harvested on Full Basket Farm with the utmost care for the quality of the vegetables and concern for the soil and our community in which the vegetables are grown. Although it does not seem practical to pursue organic certification at this time, I only use production methods that are in line with the heart of organic production. Chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are never used and organically approved sprays are only used when absolutely necessary. I work with row covers, nets and hand picking to exclude and reduce pests, pay careful attention to variety selections and planting conditions and use natural amendments to increase soil fertility and provide my family and yours with the most nutritious, delicious and beautiful produce possible. Please let me know if you have any questions about the growing and food safety practices used on this farm.